Friday, 21 June 2013

Rant // Disappointment; - The Festival Beauty Box

Sooo... Originally, a few of the girls and myself were to head to Galway for race week for a little holiday. We were even in the final stages of picking our hats for Ladies Day!

Something small and understated like this.
Something a little more personalised like this (omit 'Mexico', enter 'Your Name')
Or something that represented our undying love for Ice-Cream
(My personal favourite, I was thinking of going down the Ben and Jerry's route)
 Plans changed however and now Oxegen 2013 is on the cards and I would have loved NOTHING more than the oooh so pretty Festival Beauty Box that went on sale today on I found out about the box yesterday thanks to a sneaky peek review by TheAgoraphobicFashionista and just really wanted it!
Did I need it? No
Will my life go on if I don't get it? Yes
But I still want it.
As soon as I got up this morning I was on it like a car bonnet! Click, Click, Click... No Delivery outside of UK option?! What The Frizzlesticks! 
I mailed them on facebook and Unfortunately, I found out that don't deliver internationally.. Unless of course you make a telephone order, which in this case was no good because the Festival Box is sold exclusively online. BUMMER!
However... and I quote!
".... there are plans to introduce international delivery for our overseas customers later this summer."
Perhaps it was said to make me subscribe to there mailing list or to make me check there site  every. single. day.  None-the-less, that statement made me happy, its a glimmer of hope that I can successfully order next years festival box (there better be one) and have it happily delivered to my door, in Ireland.  

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