Sunday, 30 June 2013

Random // Profiteroles, Postman Pat and Pockets

Yes, you read that right… Postman Pat.
So I was out with one of the besties, planning what harm we were going to get up to for summer, lovely Chinese meal, followed by my favourite dessert EVER Profiteroles, and she then presented me with a “Make your own Postman Pat Bag” for 3+ year olds.. What’s in God’s name was she thinking!? that’s way too advanced for me.
I’d really love to get into her head for a day and see what exactly goes on in there.
She bought me a Popup book (3+ years also) and a High School Musical nail varnish set for Christmas last year… I’m 22.
On second thoughts, I don’t want to get into her head for a day...

(Pictures off the finished Postman Pat Bag to follow)

 I was putting away a jacket that I got ages ago from an old friend that I only decided to wear it recently and I happened to feel something in the pocket, out pops a scrunched up €5 note and 5c and on checking the other pockets I found a gold ‘bow’ ring (sadly a little too big for me) and a small silver bracelet (broken, but very fixable!).
My little moment of 'WIN'

What have you guys found buried in your pockets??

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