Friday, 21 June 2013

Review // Maybelline New York: Volum’ Express - The Mega Plush.

“Instant full volume. Non-brittle. Non-flaky.”
I’m a sucker for mascara, if I had the money I’d buy ever mascara ever made no doubt about it... but I’m not loaded, so therefore every mascara ever made is out of my reach. Someday though… someday.
For weeks I couldn’t open a magazine or turn on the TV without seeing an ad for this mascara, so I said I’d give it a lash! (Geddit?? Lash... Mascara..? No?)

 What interested me most about this mascara was
the new ‘Gel-Mousse Formula’ which promises ...
“Massive yet soft lashes. Never brittle, never flaky. All the volume, none of the hardness”.

I feel inclined to tell you though, I’m a girl who LOVES big dramatic lashes, and the bigger/fuller/blacker lashes the better.

The mascara tube is very eye catching and chunky, so it feels like you’re getting a reasonable amount of product for your money.

I’m also rather intrigued by the “Unique Flexor Brush with shock-absorber”, when I think of shock absorber I think trainers, motoX bikes and cars... not so much mascaras.

Time to try it out!

It’s a lot lighter than mascaras I’ve previously used, but like I said I’m a ‘big lash gal’. It certainly lives up to what it says, my lashes aren’t brittle and I’ve had no flakes and it definitely added length to my lashes. However I’m still baffled with the flexor brush, it would have made no difference to me whether it flexed or not.

 Here’s some pictures of my lashes with mascara on the left and without mascara on the right.

 I won’t lie, I was a little worried that this mascara would fall flat for a night time look, but I put it to the test and was very impressed. I added another layer or two, which I would normally do with other mascaras.

On the left I tried a night time look and on the right a simple day look.

All in all, it does exactly what it says and it’ll be nice for my lashes to have a break from the brittleness that might be caused by my other mascaras.

 Maybelline New York: Volum’ Express - The Mega Plush is available from all good Pharmacy’s and Supermarkets retailing from €8 - €12.
(My photography skills, I'm hoping, will improve with time)


  1. I have this mascara and am really impressed with it. You look like you have great eyelashes btw! Carly. X

    Carly's Beauty World

    1. Me too, I love the way it doesn't flake! Thanks, I wish they were longer tho, and bigger and more curlier... never happy ha! X


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