Sunday, 16 June 2013

Review // Tanning Mitts

A tanning mitt, in my opinion serves two main purposes.
To evenly distribute tan.
To protect hands while doing so.

It’s also a big helps if it stays in place and if it looks/feels good.
Now, I’ve went through a few tanning mitts in my time. Some I liked, some I loved and some were a complete disaster! Here's a breakdown.

 The Complete Disaster.
(I shudder to even think about it)
DermaV10 - Solkiss 3 in 1 Self Tan, Applicator Mitt. (I purchased from my local pharmacy, €3 I think, but its available on eBay here. )

Not the nicest looking mitt, but the '3 in 1' gimmick caught my eye, The white side for exfoliating and applying the tan, the brown side for buffing the tan. This could be a winner I thought! I thought wrong.
1. Exfoliation:
I exfoliate before tanning anyway, so didn't see the point in using the mitt to do it, also I felt that the mitt was no match for a proper body scrub/exfoliator.)
2. Application:
Ohhh lordy, It had no protective film on the inside to stop the tan from attacking my poor little hands and because of this my hand had nothing to grip to, so the mitt did laps of my wrist, I was applying and buffing simultaneously like a mad man!
3. Buffing:
I didn't bother. Not a chance this was going near my poor legs after an application like that!
This mitt failed, I threw it out.
I’d give it a 1/10 because it came in a box [?].. (Yeah, I clutched straws for that one!)

The One I Like.
Tanning mitts like Cocoa Brown Self Tan Applicator Mitt (Which can be purchased from nearly every pharmacy or Penney's/Primark or on here)

I did have a nice orange one, but I stupidly dried in the tumble-dryer with the rest of my cloths… Well the mitt folded in half and that protective film that we talked about?? The left side married the right and it’s living happily ever after (also at the back of my shelves somewhere, who knows… they might divorce?)
So apart from human error, these mitts do their job perfectly.

I’d give these mitts a 7/10, they do their main jobs and stay in place, but although they come in nice colours (Cocoa Brown’s tanning mitt is a rather eye catching shade of pink!).

The Mitt I Love.
Egypt Wonder - Cosmetic & Tanning Mitt (Mitten) (which you can find on there main site here, but can also be purchased on eBay)

I’ve had it for soooo long, (I’m fairly sure I stole it from my mother, because I’ve only ever bought Egyptian Wonder once and it didn’t come with that) and sadly it’s on its last legs, from all the washing and drying and scrunching up into a ball to fit in an overnight bag and what have you…) but I just won’t part with it until I get another. Its leather (not sure if it real) and the applicator has a velvet feel.
In the words of Icona Pop ... I LOVE IT!
I think the thing I love most about it, is that it’s not made of foam, so it doesn't absorb half your bottle of tan.

This definitely gets a 10/10, it tans evenly, protects my handies, stays in place, looks good (even if it is simply black) and feels so nice. I want another one!
 So I’m sure more of you have had your fair share of experience with tanning mitts.
So in your opinion, is a tanning mitt just a tanning mitt? Do you just pick up the first one that comes to hand? Do you have a favourite?


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