Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review // Vichy: Normaderm – Hyaluspot.

“Fast acting anti-imperfection targeted care. Minimises marks.”

I wouldn’t say I have overly bad skin, but I am prone to the odd break out every now and then. From the simple pimple, to those ma-hoooo-sive ‘just under the skin lurkers’ that have their own social security number and address. I’ve tried a few spot treatments before but after reading heaps of positive reviews on Vichy’s Normaders Hyaluspot and with a price tag of €10, I said I’d give it a go.
I bought this mid June and perfect timing too, I had an particularly annoying break out on my chin (always my chin!) and have been using it since.

The directions on the box say to “Apply directly to the spot using the applicator, day and night”
I wasn’t keen on using the applicator directly on the spot,
even though I bet its rather cooling, but knowing my luck it’d just spread the dreaded thing all over my face. So instead I used my fingers instead.. On first applying it, it stung like a MOTHER! Not just for a second but for a good 10/15 minutes, but after that it started to itch, which can only be a good thing. A few hours later the spot had reduced in size already and didn’t look like a volcano about to erupt. (Goodbye PPS and address!)
As I said I’ve been applying it since I got it, I've been applying it 2/3 times a day on actual spots that I had and once at night after cleansing my face for areas that I would usually get the odd break out.
Although It says spots disappear in 24 hours, I know not to actually expect it. My spots didn’t disappear but they were dramatically reduced and after a few days my spots were no longer.

The only problem i have with this product is that it forms a skin after applied, so can't be worn under makeup.... boo!
At a €10 for a Vichy product I don’t think its that dear, I’d expect that price range for a decent spot treatment anyway. Bottom line, I like this product and until I find a better one I’ll re-purchase.
Vichy: Normaderm – Hyaluspot is available from all good Pharmacy’s, retailing at €10


  1. Hi i just got this product and it stung and itched for me too! Are you sure this is normal because some would say itching and stinging is a sign to stop using a product. Advice please?

    1. Hey there, I've seen a few people saying that this stings and itches.. I think its just our skins reaction towards it.. ours must be a little more sensitive than others.. There is acid in it aswel, so bare that in mind, that's probably where the stinging comes from and the itch, well I was told that if a wound itches its healing.

      This only stung me on the first few applications of the blemish, and died down and disappeared with use, I've finished all mine and I can personally say that it didn't make me worse, or break me out in a rash or anything. Like i said i thinks its personal sensitivity.

      It didn't bother me enough to stop using it, but if you aren't comfortable or feel like its not easing off after more applications then maybe give it a miss.

      I'll try find out more information on the subject though!

  2. Just started using this product and so far it's been showing results. Besides the itch and stinging sensation, it really reduces my pimples in a few days. I just wanted to check if this spot treatment works for dark spots as well? Thanks


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