Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Award // I've Been Nominated For A Liebster Award!

Hey guys, This post is a really exciting one for me because as you can tell by the title.. I've Been Nominated for a Liebster Award, not just one, but two!! by the lovely Abbie at The Budget Buyer, and the equally lovely Flávia at The Fashion Fanatics


I think this award is really great way of getting know other bloggers and read other blogs, So here goes!

The instructions of the Liebster Award are: 
There seem to be loads of different variations of Liebster awards within the Blogiverse, But these seem to be the main ones, so I'll stick with these. Even though I've been nominated for two, I'll only tag one set of bloggers to take part.

*Thank your Nominator and Link there Blog
*Write 11 facts about yourself.
*Answer 11 questions that your nominator set for you and devise you own set of 11 questions.
*Tag 5 or 11 other blogs for the award, they must have less than 200 followers. Don't forget to inform them and link back your post so they know the details.

11 Facts About Moi!:

1. I'm an Epiphany! Not really, I was born on the 6th of January which is celebrated at 'The Epiphany of the Lord.

2. My Sister and Granddad were also born on the 6th day of November and December respectively, three 6's huh? and the winter months.. We were blessed! 

3. I'm a 100% Daddy's girl, always have been, always will be!

4. I did Woodwork and Tech Drawing in school and loved them!

5. I've never owned a MAC, Urban Decay or Benefit product.

6. I love mechanics and have no problem getting my hands oily under the bonnet of a car.

7. I will own a motorbike someday! A Honda 250 MC 22!

8. I'm terrified of spiders and clowns, maybe heights, but I've never seen up high enough to test that.

9. I've never been abroad!

10. I love UFC! Dan Hardy and Georges St-Pierre …Hello!

11. I'm an Orange Belt in Kickboxing and have been thought by an Irish National Champ and 3rd place International Champ, I've also trained in a little Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Questions from Abbie!:

What would you do if you won the lottery?
 I'd by my Dad a jeep and horse box, Pay off the mortgage on our house, give my Mam and Sister some money, Buy myself a Audi and have hit Brown Thomas HARD! I'd also give some money to and Animal charity and go travelling with the rest.

Where would your dream holiday be?
Finland, for a WRC event.. I'm really not one for heat, so warm weather countries are out of the question!

What's your favourite pizza toppings?
All the meats with stuffed crust, OMG I want one now!

Marmite, love or hate it?
Hate it, That new add on television is so ridiculous!

If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?
Is life good, If I say no, then you better believe I'll be changing things up!

What's your most expensive item of clothing/accessory?
I've never bought anything really expensive, so I guess my Kawasaki jacket which was €50 at the Bike and Scooter show.

What's your favourite smell/scent?
My favourite smell would be petrol.. Loads of people will relate to this! And I'm no good with 'scents', but one perfume I love the smell of is 'Wild Musk' but I have a wide range of favourite perfumes.

Would you rather forget to wear deodorant for one day or wear socks and sandals for one day?
Disgusting, I know, but I will never wear socks with sandals! I don't smell anyway.. Do I?

What's your favourite online shopping sites?
I have loads! Ebay, Feel Unique (products are a little bit dearer, but it free shipping, so kinda makes up for it), Cloud10Beauty, LovelyWholesale (Amazing shoes!)

What was the last thing that made you smile?
I'm just after coming back from a walk with my bestie and we cried laughing at random nonsense, also being nominated for this award and seeing my little blog grow,  It makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

What is your favourite biscuit to dunk?
Chocolate or normal digestives!

Questions from Flávia!:

1. What do you like most about your country?
The countryside and the scenery, I know its kind of cliche about Ireland, but you can find some really pretty places, even ten minutes up the road from you!

2. What motivates you to continue blogging?
Interacting with other bloggers, I love when I get comments saying that they might/might not purchase a product because of one of my reviews. So many bloggers have helped me make good decisions and if I can do that for someone else, then I'll continue blogging!

3. Do you have a favourite blogger? 
Too many to mention! Every blogger offers something different, so I don't have an outright favourite!

4. What is your favourite color for fall/winter?
I think plums and golds

5. What's your favourite food?
Subway, Ice Cream, Chocolate.. all the unhealthy stuff.. but i really like porridge aswel! Oh and potatoes, boiled, mashed, roasted.. any kind of spud will do!

6. Do you like photography?
I love photography!, I'm really envious of people who can take really pretty pictures! I wanted to become a sports photographer, mainly auto sports, I still might..

7. What is your biggest dream?
It may sound really corny but its just to be happy, in love and be able to support myself. I'd also love to travel

8. Do you have a favourite model?
Not really :/

9. If you had just one day on Earth, what would you do?
That's a tough one! Drive a Bugatti Veyron on there testing track, or ride a Hayabusa around the


10. What was the weirdest thing you've ever done?
I don't think I've ever done anything really weird.. I mixed Baileys and Mickey Finns together and it curdled, but I still drank it!, That's more disgusting than weird though

My Questions to you!:

What's your favourite item of makeup you could not live without! (Only one!)?

BeepBeep! Can you/Do you drive?

Do you prefer the Country Side or a Town/City

If I handed you £/€100 to spend on whatever you wanted, what would you buy?

Would you like to move straight into a house or design your own from scratch?

What's your favourite movie and why?

Have you ever been to any concerts?

Have you ever got your makeup done professionally? If so, by who and what was your experience like?

Do you have any pets?

What's your favourite piece of clothing?

Who's you role model and why?

My Nominees:

I'm only going to tag 5, as I'm finding it really difficult to find 11 who haven't already been awarded the award!

Elle Law
Nail The Look
Beauty From The Fjord
Lovingly Laura
Trina Wears

Hope you enjoy guys! 


  1. Thanks for the nomination! Yeah, I always find it difficult tagging 11 people who haven't been tagged before. Haha, I'm a bit of a mechanic and fighter too (orange belt in Aikido, although I haven't done it for years). :p x

    1. Your welcome!
      Aw wow, that's some coincidence! I stopped kick boxking and BJJ earlier this year, long story, but would love to get back into it!


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