Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday Buys // Catrice

I've been really good today and only bought 1 thing! As you can see by my haul post I've been buying quite a few bits a pieces lately, but with the little bro's Christening next week and applying for my driving test, I really need to cut back for a while.Another reason to cut back is a quest for a good foundation, because lately I've been noticing that the foundation I'm using and have been using for ages is quite dark. This is to be expected tho, as we're coming into winter, the sun ain't shining and whatever natural colour I had, has gone, so I'm pastier than ever. So I want to save like a mother and go up to Dublin and get a good foundation! I was thinking MAC, but I've heard really crap stories about their customer service and its quite off putting. My skin is normal.bordering on dry and I like a medium coverage, If anyone can recommend a nice foundation I'd really appreciate it and I won't mind splashing out for a good one, so suggestions please!

Anyway, back to the one thing I bought today! I mentioned on Twitter a while back that I seen a gorgeous orange lipstick by Catrice, but the only to left had been mauled by previous customers, while there was a tester there! So today I'd notice they put out another one, checked it and It was perfect so had to buy it! I'll give you a sneaky peek now and I'll be doing a review later on. 

Isn't it so pretty!

Also will someone give me a kick up the arse and make me take pictures,The light in my house makes it impossible to take a nice picture and its a real deterrent! 

Anyway, Suggestions on a good High End/Premium foundation as I said are greatly appreciated!


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