Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Review // Essence: Forget it! - 3 in 1 Concealer

I will admit that up until I really started to fall in love with make-up, concealer wasn't top on my list of make-up products. My make-up bag was minuscule, Powder make-up and eyeliner.. I'm not even sure I had a mascara.

So in my journey from 'Make Up Never' to 'Make Up Forever' I've picked up (ahem) a few more bits and bobs.
One of the things I picked up was the Essence - Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer, This appealed to me because of the corrector colours and its handy compact size  (I had seen others which had 5/6 shades, but for handiness and laziness I suppose I went for this) and for the fact that I really don't like bullet type concealers.

This has three different concealer colours in the compact:
Pink to be used "against circles around the eyes", Beige to be used "against blemishes" and Green to be used "against redness". To be honest, I use the green the odd time on some blemishes along with the beige, to combat any redness around the area.

I first applied this with a little brush I has designated for concealer, but found that it didn't give me the best finish. I've been using my fingers ever since as the warmth allows for better blending and it makes a big difference, especially whilst trying to apply the green shade, which was the hardest to blend as I found it a little drier/chalkier than the pink and beige.
As I've said I found the green concealer to be a little on the dry and chalky side, while the beige was a lot creamier, The consistency of the pink concealer was in between and I felt it was the nicest consistency to work with. Unfortunately its the shade I used least (as I don't suffer with really dark under eyes) unless I'm having one of those down/tired days and have to look somewhat presentable.
Along with the consistency hang-ups, there is one major flaw with this product. There is only one shade, so basically one shade fits all. Unfortunately, one shade does not fit all, and the shade we get, in my opinion is a little on the dark side for me. For that reason, I don't use it for my daytime/natural look, instead I use it with my darker foundation, for a night time/tanned look and because of its size I can easily pop it into even the smallest of handbags as a 'just in case'.

Bottom Line:
I can't be too harsh on the product, at less than €4 I wasn't expecting the world. I do like it, but I think Essence are doing themselves a massive injustice by not having a few different shades, even the addition of a lighter shade would make the world of difference and I'd probably purchase it again so I could pop it into my bag for nights out and not worry too much about losing it. 

(Essence products can be found in selected Pharmacy's and Penney's/Primark nationwide)

Have you tried this concealer? If so, I'd love to know what you thought.

Cint X

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