Friday, 27 September 2013

Tag // My First...

Hey guys! The Lovely Kayleigh over at Beauty Wish tagged me to do this post and I haven't actually seen this tag at all (no idea where I've been) but I'm really excited to do it! 
I love reading and doing these type of posts because I think its a lovely way to get to know fellow bloggers! So here goes!

First Best Friend
This was my next door neighbour Shane,we practically lived in each others houses. There was literally only a hedge separating us and even now I can still point out the gaps that we used to climb through to get out to each other. Our parents used to have to tell us to go home! We used to have some craic making muck cakes and going into old ruined stone houses and finding tiny bottles in the wall. Unfortunately, and not uncommon enough, we drifted in the latter years of secondary school, but we'll always give each other a hug and reminisce when we see each other. 

First Kiss
Really?? This came later for me than most girls, I'm not gonna tell you what age! It was Halloween, It was my sisters party, It was nice, ha! There's not much more I can say about that really..

First Concert
Bon Jovi, in Croke Park, Best concert ever! My sister bought herself and I tickets (That's pretty much the way it has been since.. oops, I'll pay her back someday) We were just behind the 'pit' area. Jon told us the results of the rugby! I love him!

First Celebrity Crush
I'd probably have to say Mr Jon Bon Jovi.. I can't remember anyone else before that.. Unless you count The Dooley brothers in the Offaly Hurling team, but they don't really have a celebrity status in the eyes of someone who isn't from Offaly or doesn't like hurling, but they're getting an honorary mention anyway! 

First Word
No idea, but my first phrases were 'sugar f**k off' (I used to say the 'f' word a lot and my parents told me to say sugar instead, I was young and didn't grasp the 'instead' concept, so just added it before I said f**k). Another favourite phrase of mine was 'to the winters', if anyone asked where I was going..that was my answer.. I do love winter though!

First Pet
We always had dogs growing up but my first pet was a little Jack Russle Terrier called Patch. The pet that really sticks out though was my first ever pet lamb Fleecey. She was the reason I ran off the school bus and dropped my school bag, the reason I had no pocket money because I insisted on buying 'lamlac' out of my own money. She was my Fleecey and nobody else's!

First Job
This was doing house work for my cousin ever Saturday, I was only meant to do 4 hours, but we dossed so much I'd be there the whole day!

First Phone
A Nokia 3310 I think.. I wasn't even new when I got it, but I accidentally washed it in a coat pocket and that was the end of it.. I've had way too many since!

First Tweet
"No idea how to use twitter" from my first account (which was deleted) 

First Makeup
More than likely my mams! I remember every so often raiding her makeup bag and 'doing one self up' with whatever I found.. The first make-up I purchased myself were a Rimmel Compact Powder and Eyeliner, They got me through the whole of secondary school! Yup, shocking.. I know!

That's the lot, Hope you enjoyed. I'm not going to tag specific bloggers, because I'd want to tag you all, and that would take way too long, So please feel free to tag yourself, but do let me know because I'd love to read some!

Cint X


  1. Such a fun TAG to read :O). Xx

    1. Thanks Charlotte! You're more than welcome to do it! x


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