Friday, 20 September 2013

Wishlist // Sept-Oct

My second wishlist.. Wahey! Do people ever manage to get all of there wishlist items? I got one thing from my last one and so far I reckon I could have left it where it was.. My wishlists in fairness are fairly do-able, there's nothing majorly extravagant on them.. and truth be told, If i spend my money wisely I'd probably be able to get all the things on it... Anyway, I'm driftin'! I still want all of the things on my last wishlist but as always, the list just gets longer. POOP.

Glitz&Glam Hairpiece:

Like the ones that the Geordie girls wear, I'm way to impatient to wait for my hair to get longer, and it won't backcomb and curl right for me.. So I'd like either the Double Volume piece or the 3/4 Wavy piece pictured above, bigger is better when it comes to hair and I want a simple life. 

Pixy Products:

Pixy is an Irish company, who produce natural beauty products, I haven't yet got to try anything by them, but the lovely Fiona from Dolly Dowsie reviewed a few of there products and loves them!  In particular I craving for their Almond Milk Face Scrub shown above and one of their Lip Balms, I'm thinking the mint or strawberry one. 

Bourjois Bronzing Primer:

For no real reason, I think its looks cool. I've heard its not meant to be a good primer by any means, but nice for a subtle glow.. Kinda should of got this is the summer.. But hey, isn't being tanned and having a sun kissed glow when its absolutely baltic outside and we're in a foot of snow the beauty of it all? 

Makeup Storage:

I hate having my makeup tucked away in a dark lonely drawer, I want to show it to the world and display it in those neat little perspex boxes that everyone seems to have these days.. I have my eye on a  lipstick one on eBay, I also want to get a stand alone chest of drawers like the one shown above from Ikea for creams,  potions and lotions and stuff like that.

Pink Clove Dress:

Sera over at TheAgoraphobicFashionista had a few picks from this site on one of her latest blog posts, which happened to include this tartan dress and I instantly fell in love with it! Nice pair of heels, bronzing primer and lip balm on, hairpiece in, sure I'd be away with it!

Thats about all for now..Well, Ya'know yourself there's loads more but I'll save them for another say.
Any of these on your wishlist?

Cint X

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