Friday, 18 October 2013

Empties // Part 1: Bath, Body and Hair

Since I started blogging I've tried my best to keep all my empty containers in a little net bag so that I could do a post on them. Every now and the I see that net bag and think "I probably have more than enough to do an empties post" but I'm only getting round to it now... I've split it into two parts to make it easier.

Part 1: Bath, Body and Hair.

Soap&Glory: The Righteous Butter.
I found this very moisturising and used it on my hands and feet, but I did find the smell very strong and I find that a little off putting, I got this in a gift set and I'm in two minds as to whether I'd buy it in full size.

Sure: Clear Aqua - Crystal.
Bog standard antiperspirant, There was a two for one offer on these and I picked up this and the pink one. I much prefer this to the other one though, which I'm using now. I'll repurchase, It's a big tin (250ml) too and it lasts ages.

L'Oreal: Elvive Triple Resist Masque with Reinforcing Serum.
I reviewed this here so I won't go into much detail. Id did nothing for my hair, so I won't be repurchasing. Smells lovely though!

Imperial Leather: Bewitching - Blackberry Blossom and Wild Fig.
Its nothing to write home to the mammy about, but I do like this and it smells amazing. It was on offer in Tesco, so it was an impulse buy, but I'd repurchase it just for the smell.I love the design on the bottle aswel.

Cocoa Brown: Tough Stuff.
Still have to review this, but *spoiler alert* I love it, such a good scrub! I definitely be grabbing the tube of this as soon as I see it!

Cotton Wools Pads.
These are cheap as chips (99c) and actually quite good! They don't fall apart either, which is always a bonus. I always repurchase these, why pay more for something of the same standard when all they do is wipe dirt/makeup of your face and are flung in the bin?!
(This was meant to go in part 2, but I had the picture uploaded before I realised that I has included them in this one, ah well no harm no foul.)

Part 2 is coming soon with will be all my empty skincare and makeup products. Just a little side note, The empty Soap&Glory tub is currently being re-used to house what was left from my sachet of Tough Stuff. 

So there ya have it folks. See anything you like or have tried before? Let me know lovely's.

Cint X

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