Saturday, 26 October 2013

Friday Buys // NYC and Maybelline

Hey guys, Another apology post! Internet yet again was messed up, co I couldn't post anything new for whats seemed like ages! I missed it so much, Even Twitter chats wasn't the same when I was on the phone I'm back tho, and I'm gonna try schedule some posts and see how that goes! 

Anyway, yesterday was Friday, so that means Friday Buys! Here's was I picked up!

NYC - Big Bold Mascara
I can't resist mascara, I just can't! This was cheap enough though, so I said why not. " Up to 15 times more volume." Bold claim NYC, I'll can't wait to put this to the test! 
€3.99 - The Medical Hall

Maybelline: Volume Express - The Falsies, Flared.
Told you I couldn't resist, Someone may stop me! I've so many mascara's! "Instant Volume - Flares lashes up and out" Hmmm, We'll see!
On offer in Tesco's €9.99

Crystal Storage Solutions: Box and Lid
I bought one of these last week and they're so handy, So I decided to pick another one up this week. 
€3.40 - Tesco 

They fit perfectly into my drawer, so I might pick up 1 or 2 more! 

And I told you I can't resist mascara's! These are the ones that i still have to review and I've done three reviews of one that aren't pictured here! Its quite ridiculous because mascara only last for so long, so by the time one if finished the rest will be fit so bin! Never mind a spending ban, I need to go on a mascara ban!

Anyway guys, Its great to be back, I missed ya's something shocking! Drop me comment if you like, I absolutely love reading and replying to them and they honestly kept me going when I couldn't blog, so thanks a mil guys! Oh and I have a mascara review coming up on the blog next! Take a guess which one!

Cint X


  1. I adore the NYC mascara, I think they are my favourite!

    1. Is it good? Can't wait to try it now! xx

  2. Im afraid to look at mascara reviews.... i always end up buying them.. such a hoarder!
    Nice review! :)

    1. Ha! They're my favourite review to do! So you're gonna hate my blog.
      I fully blame it for making me buy mascara.. Can't wait to try The Falsies out though, heard loads of good reviews on it xx


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