Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Review // Catrice: The Giant - Extreme Volume Mascara

"The Giant mascara deliver a stunning look with bold and dramatic lashes. Thanks to the specifically shaped XXL-brush, every single lash from the inner corner to the outer corner can be reached easily"

If you've read any of my mascara posts, you'll have definitely seen a bit of a trend... volume, Volume, VOLUME. Length doesn't really bother me, but volume and thickness are a must for me when it comes to mascara. So when I seen Catrice's Extreme Volume mascara on offer I quickly swiped it up.

As I've mentioned before (I think), packaging is important to me when it comes to mascara. If I seen a chunky tube, I'm intrigued. For me that means a big wand.. and I don't think I have to mention again how much I love big mascara wands. The shape of this wand interested me also, labelled as the "Specifically shaped XXL brush" it has a nice fat base and tapers inwards towards the end.

The smell of this mascara is really nice, not mascara-y at all, but I can't quite put my finger on it, I think it might be coconut, but I think everything smells like coconut! The formula is quite nice, not too wet and not too dry, a happy medium. The shape of the wand does need some practise and getting used to. With the base being so fat, I was a little clumsy when trying to get the right angle when trying to utilise the tapered end.
 Here's some before and after pictures so you can see the results for yourself.

 (Without Mascara)

 (One Coat)

(Two Coats)

It definitely give a great volume boost to my lashes and doesn't clump them up even with two coats, I think this is because of the formula (a happy medium, remember?) It lasts all day without smudging either and I haven't experienced any flaking from it. 

Bottom Line:

If your looking for a cheaper mascara that delivers then I think You should give this a try! It costs me about €2.50 on offer (I think, I can't remember the exact price), but it costs less than €5 full price. Not bad eh?
I like it and I'd happily repurchase it again. 

Have you tried this mascara or any others from the Catrice range? If so what are your thoughts?

Cint X


  1. Ooo it looks great with the two coats.
    Thanks for sharing your link in the #fblchat chat

    1. Thanks! I'm really impressed with this.
      No problem hun, thanks for stopping by :) xx

  2. I can tell that the mascara I'm using at the minute is almost all gone and I've been looking for something new to replace it so thanks for this review. Luckily, I already have quite long lashes so I think this time I'm going to try and get something to help with volume, and I might just give this a go! Your pics are seriously impressive! x

    1. Glad I could help Gail! I'd also recommend Essence - I Love Extreme! I'll try put a review up of that as soon as possible so you can have a look. I love volumizing mascaras.
      Ha thanks! They could do with a lot of improvement and lighting is an absolute pain these days, so you've just made me really happy! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thnak you! you just made me day! :) xx

  4. Love your review Cint , we also have Catrice here but I haven't tried much yet. I will def look out for this one as I also love volume,
    x Heath

    1. Thanks Heather! Do you have Essence? They have one that I absolutely love,I'll try get a review up asap! xx

  5. This is one of my fav budget mascaras!!

    1. Yay! You might be able to tell me what it smells like then! Everything smells like coconut to me, even though I know full well its not! xx


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