Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review // Make Up Academy: Power Pout - Rendezvous & Justify

Hey guys! Big apologies for the lack of posts on the blog recently. You see.. I use the Internet sharing from my phone to my net-book, but my phone needed to be updated and wouldn't allow said sharing to happen and because I didn't have any WiFi connection It couldn't download it. So basically I had to wait until I could use my friends WiFi to download the update and hopefully the Internet sharing problem would be resolved...  

Its resolved! Thank God!

In my absence however my little baby blog has reached 50 Bloglovin' followers!! Yippee! So as promised there will be a little giveaway shortly to say thank you and celebrate the mini milestone! So keep you eyes peeled folks!

On to the review!!

 I got the new Power Pouts in one of my recent MUA hauls in the shades Rendezvous and Justify. I've seen loads of these type of lips pencils everywhere, so decided to try MUA's offering because at £3/€3.53 you really can't go wrong.



If you're like me, the first thing you do when you get some new beauty items, is smell it. Both of these have a lovely minty smell which I absolutely love. From reading reviews I've noticed that a lot of people don't like mint, or the tingly feeling is usually leaves behind, but you'll be happy to hear that these don't leave a tingly feeling once applied.

These are very moisturising on first application with a glossy texture and although this fades quite quickly (45min-1hour) I will say that they do slightly stain. I know this because I put Rendezvous on one night and still had a stain on my lips when I woke up the next morning!

The thing I love about them is that there's no pairing needed, These are retractable which makes them perfect for an on the go application.

Bottom Line:
Personally I think these are perfect for a quick injection of balm with a hint of colour and because its retractable they're perfect for slipping into the smallest of handbags for all you no-fuss busy ladies or people like me.. lazy :)

Have you tried MUA's Power Pout before? If so how did find them?

Cint X


  1. I'm really excited about trying these. I haven't been completely happy with some of the MUA lip products but these seem so much better so will be getting a few shades for sure :o). Xx

    1. Ooooh I'm interesting in what you weren't happy with now! haha. I wouldn't buy these as a lip balm as they wouldn't live up to par, but like a said a quick hit of moisture and a hint of colour and they're perfect. xx

  2. Ooh these look good :) Stop making me want to buy more make up lol! xx

    1. LOL! Em if you're easily persuaded then don't look at the newest post! But these are just really handy! At least I'm making you buy cheap things haha xx


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