Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review // Make Up Academy: Undress Me Too Palette

"Wow, Try MUA's seductive 12 shade palette, creating endless looks by mixing soft neutrals and cool greys with stunning gold metallics"

This is the third and final palette that I bought from my recent MUA haul (I previously reviewed Heaven and Earth and Undressed) and is probably the most popular MUA palette mainly due to the fact that it is a near identical shade dupe for Urban Decay's infamous Naked 2 palette. As I don't own the Naked 2 palette I won't be able to compare them.

The Undress Me Too palette contains 12 shades, with a mixture of matte, pearl, shimmer and 'full on' metallics. Naked and Lavish are the trues mattes in the palette, with Corrupt have the tiniest (I mean tiniest) amount of glitter in it, so small that you can only see it if you look really hard in certain angles, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Shy and Reveal I think has a more pearl finish than shimmer or metallic. Tranquil, Exposed and Obsessed are the shimmery shades and Devotion, Fiery, Dreamy and Wink being the metallics.

As with nearly all matte shades, they aren't as pigmented as the others, but there still quite good and make fabulous base shadows. I will the that Corrupt is not near as soft to touch/swatch as the rest and I found it quite chalky but the pigment is decent, so I'm not overly bothered, especially as the rest are buttery soft! Like Heaven and Earth and Undressed the shimmer, metallics and in this case the pearl finish shades are incredibly pigmented!

There really isn't anything I can say about this palette that I haven't already said about the other two MUA palette's I reviewed. I really am in love with all three. Again this one might be a little more attractive sure to the matte shades and the wider range of finishes. 

The packaging you might have noticed is slightly different, as MUA have opted for a white case instead of the normal black and it really stands out against other palettes. They've also included shade names which I love! Its a little pet peeve of mine when shadows/blushers/lipsticks don't have proper shade names. 

I forgot to take a picture of the back, but MUA have included a little 'Mini Master Class' so you can try that out while your playing around with it. 

Bottom Line:
MUA have done it again! 12 beautiful, wearable, blendable shades that work effortlessly together and all for £4/€4.17. Perfect for day and night looks, I think its a perfect edition for a neutral eye lover that certainly won't break the bank!

Have you tried any MUA palette's before? If so which ones and what ones should I pick up next?

Cint X


  1. Nice review and good swatches. I couldn't quite like this for some reason in the beginning but for the last few months I have used this palette a lot and really like it! Xx


    1. Thank you! I do be a bit lost when I get something at first.. but the more familiar I get with it, the more I like it. xx

  2. Lovely review! I have both naked palettes and it does look so similar to the naked 2 - definitely a more affordable price too :)



    1. Exactly, Its brilliant for people who simply can't afford the Naked palettes, or for someone starting out with makeup. xx

  3. Aaah Cint I am gonna have to get you to send one or two of these to me they are fabulous.
    Love these colors the most.
    x Heath

    1. We'll have to sort that out straight away! They're fab! I've reviewed their three neutral palettes,but they have loads of other palettes. They brought out a smoky eyes palette that's a dupe for Urban Decays smoked palette, so that's next on my list, They're so cheap too! xx


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