Saturday, 26 October 2013

Review // Rimmel: Scandaleyes - Lycra Flex Mascara

"Lycra technology enhanced formula for scandalous volume leaves lashes feeling soft & flexible. No clumps!"

Hey guys here another mascara review for you all! I've done three mascara reviews so far and I must say they're my favourite type to do because you can really get a good idea of how they work by before and after pictures. 
This one I've haven't seen as much of in the blogging world, so I thought Id hare my thoughts with you. As you know I'm a sucker for volume and with its claim for "scandalous volume" it had a lot to live up too.

First off all it was the packaging that drew me too it instantly and this time not because its big and chunky! Lads it's lime green and I love green and I love lime green even more! (some people say that we are subconsciously drawn to the colour, that's the same shade as our eyes! Its definitely the case for me anyway! What about you?). Ohhh yeah, Its only lime green, but its lime green and black, my favourite colour combination and my favourite motorbike's main colour's, Kawasaki. There's a bit of random garb for ya's!

Back to the mascara! The formula itself is nice to work with, Its a little wetter than the Catrice formula I reviewed previously, but its still very easy to work with. The reviews I have seen compared it to Maybelline - The Mega Plush in terms of their non brittle, non flake formula. Although Scandaleyes doesn't make your lashes and I haven't noticed any flaking with it, It doesn't seem as light as The Mega Plush, but I prefer it, It packs a lot more volume and for me that makes it come out on top. 

I must note that the wand is big, so if you don't like that with a mascara then this might not be for you!

Here's some pictures!

No Mascara (Still think I look like and Alien!)

One Coat.

Two coats.

Bottom Line:
Scandaleyes is a really nice mascara to work with and It does provide some volume, but it for me it doesn't beat my beloved Essence- I Love Extreme and Id probably repurchase that quicker than this.

Have you tried Scandaleyes yet?

Cint X


  1. I got this a couple of weeks ago and find myself using it as my every day work mascara, but I don't find it to be anything special. I love the packaging too though! X

    1. Same, Its good but I don't go raving about it. Pity tho. Ha I'm a sucker for green! xx


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