Friday, 4 October 2013

Tag // The Autumn Tag!

The lovely Ferdie from Ferdie's Beauty Finds kindly nominated me to do the Autumn tag! Thanks Ferdie!

Favourite thing about Autumn? 
New trends, both cloths and make up and some people may not like it, but the darker evenings, I think it makes everything more cosy.

Favourite drink? 
Definitely Tea.. any season, rain, hail or shine. Not a huge coffee drinker but I do like Lattes every now and then, but only the Maxwell House ones which I can only get in 'Dealz' shops for some reason

Favourite scent?
I have so many favourite scents and perfumes, but I'm always draw to musk, I love 'Wild Musk'

Best lipstick? 
I don't really have a best lipstick as I've only recently gotten into wearing them That being said I can't wait to try out a plum lip!

Go to moisturizer?
Since I've started using moisturiser its always been Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion.

Go to colour for eyes?
I'm all about nudes during the day, but for night time I'll be trying to rock some purple or black smoky eyes!

Favourite band/singer to listen to?
I literally listen to anything, whatever the season. I've no 'go to' band/singer at the moment, just the most random playlist you'd probably ever see! One band who NEVER fail impress me are Shinedown, guys give them a listen and see what you think!

Favourite outfit to wear?
Ugh, I don't know! I'm shite with cloths, excuse the language. I don't know what a 22 year old is actually meant to be wearing. I have an idea, but can't seem to find the right things, or be going to the right places to wear them.

Autumn treat?
New wardrobe! See above. I'm also going to treat myself to a premium foundation. Suggestions please!

Favourite place to be?
At home in front of the open fire with a 'cuppa tay', maybe a biccy?

Again thanks to Ferdie for nominating me, it was a really nice tag to do. 

I'm going to tag these lovely bloggers :)
Megan - Meg Says


  1. I love the darker evenings when you're all cosy on the inside looking out!

    1. Exactly, cuppa tea, open fire, what more could you want... Hot chocolate maybe :) x

  2. New wardrobe is definitely the best part :) x

    1. I actually can't wait to get a new wardrobe, I've been stuck in an awful rut with my cloths so a shake up is definitely needed x

  3. I love a plum lip, best time of year for lipsticks, I think! x

    1. Agreed, I've never wore a plum lippy before, so I'm glad its big for autumn/winter, so I can try it :) x

  4. Cute blot, I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x


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