Monday, 11 August 2014

New Release // Urban Decay - Naked 2 Basics

Guys I am seriously excited about this new release! I know most of you know by now, but I just had to do a post about it! Up until last Christmas I had never owned anything by Urban Decay so my first purchase was the Urban Decay Naked Basic palette. I fell in love with it, but that's for another day!

So today Urban Decay announced the Naked2 Basics palette and it is a beaut! The palette, like its predecessor comes with 6 shades altogether (5 matte and 1 satin) boasting 5 never-before-seen shades.

They include:

Skimp (pale nude satin) 
Stark (nude-pink matte) 
Frisk (warm gray matte) 
Cover (muted red-brown matte) 
Primal (muted brown matte) 
Undone (deep, smoky brown matte) 

This palette a cool toned palette, which coincides perfectly with the Naked 2 palette, much like original Basics palette coincides with the original Naked palette.

I've made a quick comparison with both palettes so you can see the difference.

Naked Basics (Top) vs Naked2 Basics (Bottom)

I'm literally cannot wait for the release of this palette, like I said I'm in love with the original Basics palette so I will definitely be purchasing this. The release date as of yet is unknown, but the official Urban Decay website has it listed already as 'out of stock'. I'm presuming that they will release it fairly soon. 

Shall I be so bold as to presume that there will be a Naked 3 Basics full of pink toned mattes to compliment the Naked 3 palette in the near future. I blooming hope so. 

X Cint X

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  1. Ooooh i didn't realise they were releasing a second one :) I'm so excited now :)
    Thank you :D


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