Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How To: Maintain Your Brows

I've always done my own brows, plucking, shaping, filling and tinting and I've always received compliments on them. Even from my best friend, who is a guy and who is not gay. I've also often been asked where I get them done. Now that’s what I call hitting the 'Brow Jackpot'.

I've heard so many times how important it is to trim your brows, but it's something I've never attempted in the past. It's one thing to pluck a stray hair, but it's an entirely different kettle of fish to get a scissors and hack away at them! I was considering getting them done by a professional but I'll admit it, I take pride in doing my brows myself and get a little confidence boost when I get a compliment. So when my brows were due for a maintenance session I decided to get over the fear of trimming and add it to my routine.

Products Used:
Magnifying Mirror.
Tweezers (Always sharp, shape is personal preference, I use the slanted kind).
Brow/Liner Brush.
Tinted Brow Wax/Pomade
Small Sharp Scissors (A manicure scissors is perfect).
Good Lighting (Technically not a product but it definitely helps!).

I started by brushing through my brows and plucking away any stray hairs that were on the upper crease area. I then took a thin brow/liner brush and some tinted brow wax and filled in my brows, I did this with quite harsh lines as these were going to be my guide lines. You can choose to create just the outline or fill them entirely, I fill them in entirely so I can get a clearer view of what it's going to be like.

With my base line as a guide I carefully plucked away any hairs that were outside the line, This is where the magnifying mirror and good light are essential. Take no prisoners here, a crisp base line is essential for an amazing brow. You've probably been warned that you should never take from the top of the brow, this is because the hair doesn't grow back here, so if you feel you have to take from the top, just be careful. If you make a mistake it's there for life!

Now for a trim. Trimming is basically removing any hair that has grown long enough to exceed the top of your brow line when brushed upwards. With the spoolie I started from the base line and brushed my brow hairs up to the top line. They were ridiculously long, but because it was my first time trimming my brows I decided to only trim what I was comfortable with. It's easier to trim a little and often that to trim a lot and painfully wait for hair to grow back. Air on the side of caution here folks. Starting from the inner brow I took my scissors and rested the edge of in on the skin just above my brow and carefully trimmed away the hair that was exceeding the brow line. Brushing upwards and trimming all the way to the arch.

For the tail of my brows I brushed them outwards towards the temple area, keeping them at about 90 degrees from the way they naturally lie as much as possible and trimmed them in the same way. I kept this hair a little longer as I have quite a narrow tail and therefore less hair.

To finish I brushed though my brows again, fixed and filled any lines that got blurred when brushing and set them in place.

I was amazing at how much of a difference there was after including trimming in my routine. Especially the tail where my brow hair was the longest and never lay as perfect as I’d have liked. All in all, they sit and lay much nicer and it's easier to fill them in.

If you do decide to take on your own brows here are a few tips:

*Make sure you have plenty of time to do your brows. Patience is key.

*Try to pick a time and place where you'll have no distractions. One slip could mean brow disaster.

*Have everything to hand, don’t start and then have to run around the house or to your nearest shop for a scissors!

*You can choose to do it just after a bath/shower where pores are open and skin is less sensitive. (I actually did my brows with a full face of makeup but again its personal preference).

*If you have sensitive skin use a cream for afterwards to sooth the area you've plucked.

*Stand back and enjoy your new brows, your hard work and dollars saved. Oh and the compliments ;)

Do you do your own brows or leave it to the professionals? Will you be taming your own brows in future? Let me know in the comments and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

X Cint X


  1. I do my own but every couple of months I get them threaded just to keep the shape properly!

    1. I've never had mine threaded before but it's something I'd like to get done sometime


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