Saturday, 27 December 2014

New Release // Real Techniques BOLD METALS Collection!!

So this is a super quick post, but I had to post it asap nevertheless.

You may have seen this teaser on the Real Techniques Facebook page a few days ago.

"Something bold is coming to Real Techniques just in time for the new year!"

And I just came across it!

A brand spanking new Real Techniques Brush Collection called 'Bold Metals'. 

Unfortunately from what I can tell so far its an Ulta Exclusive, but there will be uproar from everyone this side of the pond. So I'm sure the collection will make its way to Ireland and the UK.
There has already been a few YouTube reviews on them, (I've added a video above) but for anyone who can't be bothered, read on and I'll tell you what I found out about them.

The set contains seven brushes categorized into the usual three types, 'Base', 'Eyes' and 'Finish', but as you can see from the picture they're completely different from what we're used to seeing. 

The brushes are made of a a super soft, synthetic nylon fibers and are housed in Gold (Base), Rose Gold (Finish) and Silver (Eyes) handles which are skinnier and heavier. The bristles are white with a very subtle ombre effect from ferrule to tip in there respective handle colors. The ferrule is stamped/printed with RT

Prices in USD are listed below and as they are new and exclusive they are a little more expensive than normal, but by just looking at them, they're worth it. 

The collection include:

100 Arched Powder Brush 
(Base - $25.99 - Domed cut sweeps perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed of loose powders)

101 Triangle Foundation Brush 
(Base - $23.99 - Flat edge covers large areas of the face and angled edges contour around eyes and nose)

200 Oval Shadow Brush 
(Eyes - $15.99 - Full round shape allows for all over lid application and seamless blending)

201 Pointed Crease Brush 
(Eyes - $15.99 - Densely packed tapered bristles apply eyeshadow for a smokey effect)

202 Angled Liner Brush 
(Eyes - $15.99 - Firm, slanted head fits close to the lash line for smooth,even application of eyeliner)

300 Tapered Blush Brush 
(Finish - $23.99 - Specifically design tip highlights and sculpts across cheeks for a seamless finish)

301 Flat Contour Brush 
(Finish - $25.99 - Dense head creates shadows and highlights on targeted areas of the face to play up favorite features)

They look AHHH-MAZE-ING!
They sound AHHH-MAZE-ING!
I want them now.
I really hope they make there way over to Ireland!

Are you excited?
Could you die?

Let me know what you think in the comments!!

X Cint X

*   *   *


The Bold Metals Collection will indeed make its way over here. You can sign up on the Real Techniques Newsletter and 


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  2. I definitely want to get these when they come to the uk x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. They're beautiful Heather! You can sign up on to be notified when they're released :) x

  3. How stunning are they!!!


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