Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How To // Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Hey guys, so today I'm taking about that time in our makeup obsessed lives where we begrudgingly head to the sink with our baby shampoo and a truck load of brushes in hand to give them a well-deserved wash. It's something most makeup junkies hate, I don't mind it, but the rinsing drives me insane! Anyway I'm going to share with you a few tips on how to keep your makeup brushes and tools in tip top shape.

Here's a quick guide for when you should clean your brushes:
For eye brushes I tend to spot clean as I go and then follow up with a good thorough clean every 1/2 weeks. This will of course depend of what eyeshadows your using, black, metallic shades and cream shadows will usually have to be clean straight away to fully remove the metallic particles and prevent any staining.

For my base brushes (foundation, concealers etc.) I rotate my foundation brush every 3/4 days which allows me to get away with not washing them for a little longer. So I tend to wash them when they're all dirty, Usually every 2 weeks. I made the mistake of using one for longer than 3/4 days and trying to remove Revlon Colourstay from it was painful!

Here's how to clean your brushes:
For spot cleaning eye brushes and powder brushes I've found that a cotton pad soaked in micellar water or gel works perfectly if you're not going to be using them straight away. If you do need them straight away, then an alcohol based cleaner like The Pro Hygiene Makeup Spray is ideal as the alcohol will allow the brush to dry quite quickly.
For deep cleaning my brushes I use a gentle shampoo and an alcohol based cleaner. Johnson's Baby Shampoo and the No7 Makeup Brush Cleanser have been my favourites for a long time.

Powder brushes are a doddle to clean, simply wet the bristles and wash with a tiny bit of shampoo then rinse until all the shampoo and suds are gone.

Cream and liquid brushes are a little harder to clean and continue to get harder to clean the denser they are. These will require a good shampooing but may also require the alcohol cleaner to break down the creams or liquids stuck to the bristles. Start my shampooing the brush and get rid of as much product as possible, then use the alcohol based cleaner to remove the rest. The longer the you leave the brush with product on it the harder it's going to be.  
Like a said Revlon Colourstay can be a nightmare and I've actually had to soak my RT Buffing brush in shampoo, water and brush cleaner to get rid of all the product. Soaking the brush is fine as long as it's only the bristles and never close to the ferrule (where the bristles are glued into the handle). 

Now as for rinsing (this is the part that drives me insane). You'll have to rinse your brushes multiple times to get all the residue/shampoo/suds out of them. So rinse one, set it aside, rinse another and go full circle as many times as it takes. It times consuming and annoying, but it has to be done.

With all your brushes clean, drying them is next. Never try to dry your makeup brushes with a hairdryer! The intense heat can damage the bristles and will melt the glue holding them together. Also never dry your brushes standing upright. This forces the water down the bristles, into the ferrule and causes the glue to weaken and brushes to shed. I like to dry them in my brush roll, opened and angled with the bristles pointed downward, in the hot-press. I also always wash my brushes at night so they get a good night to dry and the hot-press is at a nice temperature.

This may seem like a long winded post, but trust me, when it comes to washing brushes it's not a case of dunking them into water and they'll be fine. If you wash them with care they'll last you so much longer. I've seen a RT buffing brush (not mine) that, was washed haphazardly and dried standing upright, literally fall apart in front of my eyes. While my buffing brush is still going strong. Proper care, washing and drying really does make a difference.

Another tip to note when dealing with brand new brushes is to wash them before you use them, this removes any loose hair within the brush to shed before use and also rids the brush of any dirt or dust it could have come in contact with during manufacture, packaging and shipping.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Happy washing!

X Cint X

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