Sunday, 4 January 2015

Review // Makeup Academy: Matte Perfect Primer

"Formulated for oil prone skin, will mattify complexions and provide the perfect base for foundation. Can be worn alone, or under foundation" … "Oil Control. Complexion Balancing Primer"

I picked the MUA Matte Perfect Primer in one of my first MUA hauls way back at the beginning of last year. (you can see the hauls here) and I used it on and off, but at the time didn't really come to much of a conclusion about it. For the most past because I had generally normal to dry skin. Fast forward over a year and hello oily t-zone! So while rummaging through my makeup drawer last week I seen it again and decided to give it a go.

It looks and feels near identical to The Porefessional by Benefit with the same colour and consistency. This doppelganger however has no claims to blur pores or fine lines but being a silicon based primer it certainly doesn't accentuate them. On application it feels very smoothing and soft on the skin, blends in with ease and foundation glides over effortlessly.

I followed with my normal routine, including setting my foundation with powder, something I always do regardless of what base I'm wearing and set about my day as normal. (FYI: I didn't set my makeup with a spray). A few hours later, two cups of tea and hoovering upstairs and downstairs, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I was very surprised, pleasantly surprised, so much so that I stood there in front of the mirror at my unusually matte t-zone. It was as though I had just finished my makeup routine. I checked back throughout the day and still no oiliness peeking through. To say I was rather impressed was an understatement.

The Matte Perfect Primer comes in a 15ml squeezey tube, so you can squeeze out every last morsel, But in fairness for less than the price of a dairy milk and a cuppa you won't exactly be beating yourself up if there's a bit left behind!

For someone who suffers from mild oiliness throughout the day I think it’s a steal, I can't comment on how it fairs on extremely oily skin however, but it's definitely worth a shot.

Have you tried MUA Matte Perfect offering? How did it work out?

X Cint X

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