Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Review // Maybelline: Brow Drama - Sculpting Brow Mascara

Again, my love of brows and brow products is no secret to many of you, so when Maybelline released the Brow Drama sculpting brow mascara I knew I wanted to try it.

Now the name Brow Drama rings through in the blogging world with this product as the brush has created quite the stir. For brows, the shape of this brush shouldn't work and doesn't for many and I'll admit when I first saw it I wasn't at all sure about it, but with some trial and error I found myself really liking this!

The brush itself has a spherical tipped wand, which you might think isn't very practical for brows, but actually its very effective at filling and setting brows in place. The brush distributes the product evenly throughout the brows and with the right amount of pressure (very light) it can work on the thinnest of brows too. I love layering this over filled brows because I find it brings some life back into them that can sometimes be lost with wax/pencils as the bristles creates little strokes that mimic natural hair. Not only that but the gel makes the hairs look fuller and sets them without making them crispy.

Shade wise, there is four on offer Deep Blonde, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Transparent. The shade I picked up was Dark Brown and it’s a perfect match for my hair. Another thing to mention is that it leans on the cool toned side as often times drugstores fail to create brow products with enough of a cool tone to them and many run too warm to be used on brows.

What I especially like about Brow Drama is that Maybelline didn't play it safe duplicating someone else's product. They went out on a limb with the shape of this wand and I respect them for that.

I use this on a daily basis and at only €7.49, I'd have no problem repurchasing this either. Have you tried the Maybelline Brow Drama? If so leave your thoughts in the comments.

X Cint X


  1. i really like this too, I find if I put on too much it goes a bit crispy but it's great for everyday casual brows!

    1. Can't say I've ever experienced crispy brows, but then I always scrape of the excess from the wand before I apply it. Such a nice product for the price!


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