Saturday, 10 January 2015

Review // Sleek: Brow Kit - Dark

Before I start this review, and before you read on, I'll hold my hands up and say I've committed the ultimate beauty blogger crime. I used the product before taking photos. I'm sorry, I got way to excited when I got my hands on this to wait. Now that my admission is out of the way lets get on with it.

I took to twitter to ask people about Sleek product recommendations and the Sleek Eyebrow Kit and Contour Palette was mentioned in every single reply. So I had purchased both (the latter to be reviewed soon). The brow kit comes in 4 shades, Light, Dark, Extra Dark and Ebony. I purchased the shade Dark from cloud10beauty.

The packaging is a matte black compact with 'Sleek' printed on the front in black glossy letter. Very chic, but simple. The kit itself contains a coloured brow wax, a brow powder, two mini brushes (one round, one angled) and a pair of mini tweezers, It also contains a mirror in the lid. Now I'll be honest, I love anything mini (apart from the cars, can't stand those) and these little brushes and tweezers are really quite good and I'd have no bother with using them at all, but little things like that tend to get lost on my dressing table when I'm doing my makeup so I opt to use my normal sized angled liner brush instead.

The product itself looks a bit scary as most brow waxes are clear or with very little pigmentation. The wax in this kit couldn't be further from that. It's loaded with pigmentation. It's also a great colour, not too warm and not too cool. The powder also has great pigmentation and although it can come across a little warmer toned in the pan, when layered on top of the wax to set it, it's perfect.

The application of the wax itself is very smooth. As I said it's very pigmented so less is more and it can be built up where needed. It also blends quite nicely and because of the waxy formula will help to keep brows in place. I've read that some people use is the opposite way around and that works for them and some people use just the wax or just the powder. I'll sometimes only use the wax and my brows still remain on point. Or 'on fleek' .. (where did people get that from?! I thought it was bad at first.. but y'know, yolo and all that)


This has rarely left my face since I bought it and I'm so happy that I did. I had been using pencils to fill my brows previously and although they worked, it was quite time consuming to get them looking natural. This little kit makes things so quick and easy. It’s a fantastic product and I'd highly recommend it to everyone and anyone.

I've seen similar high end kits by Benefit and Urban Decay costing upwards of €25-€30 which I think is ludicrous when you can have an amazing one, that's basically them same for €9.99.

If you've been thinking about picking this up, then do and I'll bet you here and now that you'll love it. Pick me one up while you're at it, because I'm certainly not waiting until this one runs out!

X Cint X


  1. This is my go to brow product!

    1. Same! I've actually hit pan on the wax! I have to get a back up soon! x

  2. Great review! Been wondering about this as it looks like a great dupe of other brow boxes from UD and Benefit x

    Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

    1. Thanks Bebhinn. I don't think I could spend that much money on one from UD or Benefit when I have my Sleek one! x


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