Monday, 5 January 2015

Tips 'N' Tricks // Makeup Storage No-Go's

As Beauty Bloggers, I think most of us love seeing how we store our makeup. Whether it's in expensive Muji drawers, The Alex drawer system or a chest of drawers in your bedroom. We love a good nose. 
I'm not a storage snob by any means, I'm a chest of drawers, cheap acrylic storage type gal, but what I cannot abide by is when makeup is stored in a bathroom or.. on a window sill for that matter. My sister does both. I want to kill her. We're always thought to..

Store makeup in cool, dry conditions.. Unlike..

Bathrooms are nice.. When you have the good candle lit, your favourite lush bath bomb disintegrating in the steaming hot water and a glass of whatever you fancy on the side of the tub, bathrooms are beautiful. The rest of the time, they're not so appealing. Let's not try kid ourselves guys, bathrooms are a haven for bacteria and mould to grow in. There's germs, dampness and steam.. Powder gets damp and stops working, creams go funny with all the steam. It's just not a good place to store makeup. So don't do it, If it’s the mirror you need then bring your makeup in, slap it on, chuck it in a makeup back and bring it back out. Or alternatively, buy another mirror!

And out of direct sunlight… Like..

Not as big a crime as the bathroom storage job, but storing makeup on a window sill is still a crime none-the-less. Most items when stored in direct sunlight will usually alter in some way or another, mostly colour wise, but texture can be altered too. You would never store your perfume on the window sill, so don't store your makeup they're either.

So there you have it. Quite a quick one, but proper care and storage can really prolong the shelf life of your makeup. So bare that in mind next time you're in the bathroom setting your under eye concealer and your powder is all clogged and rendered useless from the shower you had an hour beforehand or your favourite liquid foundation has separated from the sunlight pouring in your window.
Dramatic much? You get the drift.

X Cint X

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