Friday, 20 February 2015

Review // Vitibiotics: Perfectil - Original

I'll give you a little backround info on my nails. I'm a nail biter and have been for as long as I can possibly remember and because of that I turned to false nails and gel nails. Beautiful while there on, but they reek havoc on your nails afterwards. When I tried to grow my nails in the past they'd grow at a normal rate, but when they got to a half decent length they'd flake and chip like chipboard, not only that but they would literally bend back on themselves like paper so I'd just bite them off again. It was a vicious circle. A friend of mine on facebook recommended the 'Perfectil Original' multivitamins so I said I'd give them a go.

The Perfectil Original comes in a pack of 30 tables, that contains Biotin, Zinc and Selenium along with over 20 micronutrients designed to maintain and complement a normal skin, hair and nail routine. They're quite a big capsule so if you struggle with taking tablets these might be a problem.

Now I tried these early last year but stopped taking them for two reasons. One was because I had severe ear infections and these mixed with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and painkillers just wasn't a good mix. The second reason was I got hives. I didn't realise that they were because of these at the time though but more on that in a bit. So I started taking them again on the 1st of January and bar missing one or two days I've been fairly consistent in taking them every day.

I can't comment on the affect they've had on my skin and hair, because when I started Perfectil I also started a new skincare routine and had previously switched up my hair care routine aswel, but I can honestly say that in terms of my nails, they've made a huge difference! My nails, like I mentioned grow at a normal rate and although Perfectil hasn't sped that up, I've never had nails as strong as I do right now. No chipping, no flaking and certainly no bending. I actually couldn't be happier and because of that I prompted to really take care of them. Cuticle oil, orange sticks, nail files you name it!

Back to the hive things I mentioned earlier. After about a week of taking these the second time I noticed that I broke out in hives. It was only then that I remembered that, this was one of the reasons I stopped them before. It was nothing major with just a few on each of my lower legs, but they were annoying and very itchy. They cleared up within a week or two and never came back. I think it was my bodies way of adjusting to something new. I will note that I do get hives when I ingest loads of things.. (new potatoes, banana's etc..) and in extreme heat so it was nothing I was worried about, but thought I'd mention it none the less.

My Nails! (Wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 110 Birthday Suit + Gel Top Coat)
For me nails have always been something I've tried to hide and I dreaded the thoughts of meeting new people and shaking their hand or even handing over a  pen or piece of paper to friends or family. Now I have no problem doing those things and I can shake someones hand or pass a pen with confidence. This might seem a little bit dramatic some some, but for someone who hated the sight of their nails for the longest time its a pretty big deal!

I honestly couldn't be happier and I've bought a second pack (which I'm already half way through) and no doubt I'll be picking up a third and fourth and will probably opt for 'Perfectil Plus Nails' which is designed to give extra support for nails as I'm sure I'll see even better results!

The price of 'Perfectil Original' varies from place to place but usually come in at around €10-€15 and can be got in most chemists/drugstores, grocery stores and on the 'Vitabiotic' website.

Have you tried any of the Perfectil range? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask

X Cint X

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