Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Review // Real Techniques: Nic's Picks

Nic's Picks brush set, like Sam's Picks, is a collection of Nic's favourite brushes in one set. This was released in October last year just in time for the holiday season.

The set contains five brushes. One from the Base (gold) range, One from the Finish (pink) range and three from the Eye (purple) range. If your familiar to Real Techniques brushes you'll instantly notice a huge difference in the appearance of these compared to the rest of the brushes. These are truly beautiful. They're made from the same taklon bristles and aluminium ferrule, but these have a chrome finish with the writing printed in the colour of the category the brush fits in. Similar to the Duo-Fiber collection, but I think these are even prettier. This set also includes three set exclusives compared to only one in Sam's Picks. I'll skim over the ones I've reviewed previously and focus on the exclusives! The set includes:

Duo-Fiber Face Brush (Base)

"For lightweight application + blending of face powder or pigments"
From the Duo-Fiber Limited Edition Collection. Perfect for a lightweight dusting of powder all over the face or for subtle bronzer application.

Cheek Brush (set exclusive) (Finish)

"Evenly applies makeup across the cheekbone for a more dramatic finish"
The first of three set exclusives. The cheek brush is a flat, tapered, domed shaped brush aimed at applying blush evenly across the cheekbone. This is a nice brush for blush application but preferring a larger fluffier brush myself, my heart belongs to the RT 'Blush Brush'. I love this brush for contouring though. The tip is narrow and dense enough to get a nice clean line, where the sides can be used to 'pull' the contour upwards creating the illusion of chiseled cheekbones.

Angled Shadow Brush (set exclusive) (Eye)

"Perfectly cut for layering eye shadow in the crease"
Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite brush from this set, excuse the pun there too! This brush makes crease work a breeze! The tip is the perfect size to fit in the crease and I use this religiously if I'm creating a cut crease. The trick is to load the tip with shadow, turn the brush upside. By doing this the shadow is concentrated in the crease and the angled bristles do all the blending work for you. Its perfect and I'd buy the whole set again for this one brush!

Base Shadow Brush (Eye)

"Applies a smooth,flawless foundation of color"
From the Starter Set. A brilliant brush for applying a wash of colour all over the lid, but small and dense enough to apply shadows to the crease and blending.

Eyeliner Brush (Set exclusive) (Eye)

"Firm, angled head for optimum control along lash line"
This is such a tiny little angled liner brush! Firm but not stiff, its perfect to use with gel liner or for pushing eyeshadow along the lash line. My favourite use for this brush however is actually for brows. Its amazing at both outlining and filling brows. Again due to its firmness and how narrow the tip is its excellent at creating hair like strokes with wax or powder for super natural, but full looking brows. My second favourite of the set.

In terms of washing, I've washed these a number of times and they've always returned back to there original state with no shedding whatsoever.

Nic's Picks is such a great addition to the Real Techniques family and well worth the price. If I has to choose between this and Sam's Pick I'd definitely pick this one because although there's one less brush in it, you have three set exclusives whereas Sam's Picks only has one. The only one thing I can fault with the brushes and its really nothing is that the writing fades of a lot quicker on these than the other brushes but other than that its a flawless set. If you can pick it up, then do. I really don't think you'll be disappointed!

X Cint X

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