Sunday, 19 April 2015

Review // L'Oreal Elvive: Extraordinary Oil

Hey guys, I don't usually talk about hair products on the blog as I'm so lazy when it comes to hair care in general, but I do try every now and then and when I get on a roll I tend to keep going. I've found a product that I genuinely believe I'd be lost without and that's the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil.

I've always had fairly healthy hair, but last year after years of dying it from one colour to another and coupled with working in a clean-room in extremely dry conditions my hair just gave up. I found it extremely dry from the mid lengths to the ends and it just looked so dull and lifeless and not mention it was breaking the whole time. A friend who worked with me in the clean-room recommended the oil to me so after seeing it on offer in my local Tesco's I said I'd give it a go.

I picked up the one for all hair types, there's also one with UV filters for Coloured hair and an Oil Mist for Fine hair. The Extraordinary Oil is made from a blend of 6 flower extracts "with nourishing properties for luxurious shine & sumptuous smoothness, without flyaways" It claims to be a "Miracle Hair Perfector" boasting promises such as "Luxurious Shine, Intensely Nourished, Silky Soft, Sumptuously Smooth and Non-Greasy"

This can be used on wet hair and on dry hair, personally I use it on both and then some. I'll use some on towel dried hair, primarily on the mid section to ends and the fluff the rest nearer (but not on) the roots, I'll also use it after I've blow dried my hair to tame it a little bit as my hair is super thick and my drying skills wouldn't be salon quality so I end up like a fluff ball. As if that wasn't enough my favourite way of using this is as a finishing product, after I've straightened or curled my hair I'll take a pump and run it through the ends. It leaves my hair so shiny and super soft! What I especially love about this oil is that it has up to 230°C heat protection, so I never feel too guilty when I'm using my hair dryer or straightener.

Since I've starting using this I've found that my hair is a lot stronger and therefore breaks a lot less and is actually growing! I'm also experiencing far less split ends than before. I had the same bottle for  about 5 months and I'm only maybe a 5th of the way through it. You get 100ml so I've no doubt this will last me well over a year! The gold glass bottle is really heavy and luxurious feeling and it also smells amazing!

You can buy the Extraordinary Oil here on for €12.99 and its 3 for 2 on selected Elvive Haircare products including this! I 100% urge you to try this product and if you do, let me know how you got on!

X Cint X

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