Friday, 17 April 2015

Tips 'N' Tricks // Waste Not Want Not

Recently I came to the end of one of my favourite concealers (Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer) but while I was scraping the 'last' of the product out of the tube I noticed that the applicator tip was no-where near the bottom on the packaging, that’s a lot of product gone to waste! Not forgetting to mention the excess product at the very top that gets deposited when the applicator is removed. So I chose to hack away and depot what was left and here's how.

For plastic tubes/containers I cut the tube in half and depot/transfer the remaining product into a more suitable container. I personally use a blade for this as it makes a clean cut, creating no particles that can contaminate the product. Knifes with replaceable blades or ones that can be snapped off to expose a brand new blade are perfect, just make sure it's clean (you can sterilise it in boiling water if you wish but make sure you dry it as it can rust). 

I have a specific knife in my makeup tool holder designated just to this job. You'll also want to make sure that your new container is sterile aswel. You can buy little containers in most Arts and Craft stores, EBay and often times in Supermarkets, I know that my local Tesco sell sets of empty travel containers which will do the job nicely. You can also reuse packaging from other products, like your empty loose powder containers or cream eye shadow pots or sample pots you might get from the likes of MAC, I happened to use a screw top pot that I received a sample in from Cloud10Beauty.

To transfer the product from one place to another it's really personal preference and practicality. For the purpose of my Collection concealer I used the applicator itself to transfer the product into its new home. Alternatively you could use a sterile spatula.

I finally just label my container so that I can easily identify it in my drawer. I used a band aid as I didn't have anything else, but it does the job so I'm happy. The container as you can see is quite full! So it definitely is worth doing!

With all that being said I know what you might be thinking.. "Bitch please..  I cost less than a fiver, just go out and buy another!" Well I have another waiting to be opened, but that’s not the point. I cant stand wasting good product and when you actually see how much you would have wasted its quite shocking! Now I realise that you won't be able to get the last little bit of product out of everything..  Glass packaging being the main culprit but depot where you can. Hope you find this helpful!

Do you depot to save some product or simply move on? 

X Cint X


  1. Wow .. This is great. I'll try this next time as your perfectly right about wasting product !

    1. Thanks Staves! You'd be surprised by how much you could save!So Glad you found this helpful! X


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