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Masterclass // Pro Makeup Masterclass w/ Siobhán McDonnell and Hayley Coleman

Hey guys, This particular post is way overdue, so I'm just going to jump straight into!

On the 22nd of March I attended my first makeup masterclass with Siobhán McDonnell (LetzMakeup on the YouTube) and Hayley Coleman (who also has a YouTube channel - Hayley Coleman) both of whom, as you may already know are professional makeup artists!

I've been following Siobhán for quite some time across most of her social media accounts so when she announced a Masterclass I knew I had to grab a spot.

The masterclass took place in the G Hotel in Galway, a 5* hotel designed by none other than Galway milliner Philip Treacy. I had heard of the G Hotel before but nothing prepared me for what I set my eyes on! It is STUNNING! Nothing like I've ever seen before! I'm absolutely kicking myself for not taking a few more pictures, but honestly, no picture could do the hotel justice. It needs to be seen!

The Masterclass itself began just after 2pm and started with Siobhán and Hayley running through the agenda for the day and also a little run through of our goody bags (more on that later). We were also supplied with notebooks, pens and water for the day ahead.

Hayley then proceeded with the first part of the Masterclass; A bridal friendly day look.
She started by prepping the skin, which both Hayley and Siobhán stressed was extremely important in any look. Not only does it affect how products sit on the face, but also how well they wear throughout the day.

Hayley used a mixture of MAC and Buff on the face and Buff and NYX products on the eyes using Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes throughout.

The finished look. Glowing and Glamorous.

After Hayley's demo, we had a little break and milled through the beautiful cupcakes, sweets and pink lemonade that the girls had generously laid out for us. Like a gobshite I never took a picture of the layout, but I got a picture of my cupcake and I can tell you that they were the nicest I've ever had (I had two, I'm not ashamed... I would have eaten the lot if I was let)

After we had our fill, Siobhán took over for the second demo. An evening look focusing more on brows and contouring. I found out after the class that she took inspiration from a look that Amrezy had posted to her Instagram a while back.

Siobhán used a wider range of products for this look, but again the stars of the show were Buff, NYX and Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

The finished look. Dramatic and bold.

Unfortunately my photography skills were not up to scratch and the photo's really don't do either looks justice but Siobhán has some fantastic photos HERE so you can get a much better look.

Here's a little look at some of the products that Hayley and Siobhán used on the day.

The class lasted 4 hours in total and I'm delighted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. Both ladies shared so many amazing tips and recommendations with us and I think I can vouch for the whole class and say that we were made feel very comfortable when it came to asking questions. I wouldn't be the most outgoing talkative person in that kind of setting but I found the day so relaxed and the conversation and questions just flowed with ease.
I came away with a wishlist of products as long as my arms as well!

As I mentioned at the start, everyone in the class were very gifted a rather generous goody bag packed with products from NYX and Blank Canvas Cosmetics, vouchers from Buff, The Beauty Suite and and of course Sweeties!!

I was also lucky enough to win a Wet N Wild Eyeshadow palette in the little competition that the girls ran at the end of the day!

I think Masterclasses and Workshops like this are a fantastic way to learn more about makeup and to advance your skills. They're also a brilliant way to meet like minding people. I can't recommend Siobhán and Hayley's Masterclasses enough and with both having worked in the industry for years and continually learning and advancing their own skills, you're in very good hands.

I'm also delighted to let you know that Hayley and Siobhán have a Summer Techniques Masterclass coming up on the 14th June in the G Hotel which focuses on how to achieve long lasting heatproof makeup, summer trends and festival makeup tips. Sponsors include Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Sleek, Wet N Wild and Isa Dora!

The last I heard, it was half booked so if you want to find out more information and book a spot you can email The class will also be an hour longer, so lots more to be learned.

I have my spot booked for June and I'm counting down the days!

Lastly, I was to say a massive Thank You to both Siobhán and Hayley for a wonderful day and to the brands who generously sponsored items for our goody bags!

X Cint X

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