Saturday, 11 July 2015

They Made Me Buy It // Youtubers

I've been known to sit up in front of an open fire, cup of tea in one hand, pen and paper in the other, with my netbook perched on my lap watching beauty gurus on YouTube making notes of items of interest. Some items never make it off the list and into my hand, but then some do. Here's a few that made it there and who made me buy it. 

 I spent so most of last year looking at Sam and Nic rave about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz that I knew I wouldn't be content until I had it. I think a lot of us were in the same boat. It was the brow product to beat all. I have the shade Brunette. 

Yes… Shannon Harris is a bad influence. She's one of my favourite YouTube MUA's and with good reason. Anything I've got that she had recommended I've loved. Obviously the XO Beauty brushes were top of my list as they're her brand, but their great quality and are among my favourites. (sadly not pictured) She also consistently uses Stila One Step Correct and Bare Minerals Prime Time Neutralizing primer so I, of course, had to get them. Also, the La Girl ProConceal is another Shaaanxo inspired purchase! There are more purchases that have been made due to Miss Harris, but that's for another post!
*On a non-makeup note, Shannon also made me purchase Crest Vivid Whitestrips and Whitening Lightening Pens.

Untitled #5

Chloe raved on about the  L'Oreal Lumi Magic Pure Light Primer for quite some time and her comparison of it with the MAC Strobe cream only made is easier to justify the purchase.

Chrisspy has fast become one of my favourite MUA's and I even declared my #muacrush for her in a tweet recently (which she re-tweeted!!) So when she constantly used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly in their videos it was inevitably going to be mine and it came in the most amazing packaging from BT!
*On another quick note. Chrisspy has also made me order some Henna so I can do my own Henna tattoo and I will most definitely be getting ridiculously long nude stiletto tips in the near future.

Katie recommended the ELF Small Tapered brush to anyone that listened! I listened, I bought it and I fricken love it! I have a full review post here. It's just a great brush and it's so cheap!

Siobhán used to use the Essence All About Matte Powder almost religiously and with the minuscule price tag it would have been totally rude not to take her recommendation on board and try it out. I also bought the Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadows in the shades Vanillaty Fair and Al Burgandy (not pictured) and they're some of the softest butteriest eyeshadows I've ever touched!

This post would not have been complete without the addition of Nikkie and Milani baked blush in Luminoso. Not one tutorial went by where this wasn't mentioned, so I had to try it out. It's stunning! Full review here!

What products did the Naughty Youtubers make you buy?


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  1. Love glitteralittle :)

    1. She's great, isn't she?! Super talented! x


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