Sunday, 30 August 2015

Empties // August Part 2: Skincare, Bodycare, Makeup, Dental & Misc

Hey, guys! Welcome to Part 2 of my August Empties, this one is quite a mixed bag of products including skincare, body care, makeup, dental and other random bits, so let's jump straight it!

The first 3 empties are Iseree, Lacura and Tesco cotton pads. I find the Iseree and Lacura ones great and because they're from Aldi and Lidl, they're super cheap! I also love having the larger oval cosmetic pads especially for removing makeup and these Tesco ones do the job!
Next we have my favourite serum of life. The L'Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum. I've reviewed it here so I won't blab too much, but's amazing!
I've used up all of my Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Fresh Cream for Combination to Oily Skin. This is exactly what it says it is! Its light, fresh and it does help to mattify the skin. I've since repurchased, but the name has changed a bit from Moisture Match to Moisture +.

Up top, we have two body items in the form of the Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser (Aloe Fresh) which I love! It's so quick and handy and it smells great and sinks in beautifully! I'm the worse for moisturising so this is perfect for me. I've since repurchased, but I believe they've changed the formula. Then we have the Nivea Invisible 24hr Anti-Perspirant for Black and White, This is a nice antiperspirant, but I've come to discover that aerosols are too harsh for my underarms, especially when I'm just after shaving, so I've switched to roll-ons.

Below these we have my makeup empties! The Revlon ColourStay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin is my current holy grail foundation, I'll do a full review soon, So keep an eye out!
Sadly my Essence Multi Action Smokey Eyes Mascara dried out which it such a shame because they don't do it anymore, The formula was what I can only describe as dry and smudgy in the best way possible!
The blush isn't empty, but my god it's old and I wouldn't be so keen on putting it near my face, time to say bye-bye and the Aloe Lips is a cheeky inclusion, because although the tube is empty, the product itself hasn't been used up. I made the mistake of twisting it up the whole way and it wouldn't go back down to had to transfer the lip balm into a little pot.

For Dental, I've used up yet another Beverly Hills Perfect White Toothpaste! I'm addicted to this brand. This is the original one and although it's a great toothpaste, I still prefer the Perfect White Black version. I've also used up the Colgate Max One White Optic*. I used the Colgate Max White Luminous before and it was ok, but I found the Optic one much better! I'd happily repurchase both of these!
Lastly in the dental category is the Whitening Lightening: Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen. This is my second one of these I've used and I find them great for a little whitening pick me up every now and then!

The final two empties for this month are the P.S Love This. Makeup Brush Cleanser. Its great for a quick spot clean but the smell might put some people off.
Paddy last is some H2 Zero Hand Sanitiser that I bought in a € shop ages ago. It's something I always have on hand especially if I'm doing someone's makeup. I want to make sure my hands are completely clean and sanitised!

So there you have it, guys! What have you used up in the last month? Leave me links below!

*Indicates PR/Gifted Item
X Cint X

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